1. Does buying a box from the store mean I am now subscribed?

    Nope! These are extra boxes from previous months of Board Game Bento, so they are one-off purchases.

  2. What if a box is sold out? Can you get more?

    Unfortunately, no. Once our stock is gone, it's gone forever!
  3. Are international customers able to buy these boxes?

    Yes! Be prepared for shipping costs, but these boxes can be shipped worldwide.
  4. Are these the same boxes Subscribers got?

    Yes they are! Lovingly chosen, packed and shipped by our team!
  5. Can I choose the board games in my box?

    Nope! We’ve done that for you! You can see what’s in each box on the main page!
  6. What if I only want one game from a box?

    All boxes are sold as collections, so to get one, you’ve gotta get ‘em all!
  7. What if something is damaged?

    Drop us a line at with a couple of pictures of the damaged item and we will replace it.

  8. Can I get a refund or exchange?

    All sales from the Board Game Bento Store are final. If you have any problems with the condition or receiving of your purchase, please contact us at:

  9. Is there a set number of board games in the box – and do they all have boards or can there be card games and dice games?

    Board Game Bento boxes are filled with all types of tabletop games, including board games, card games, miniature games, dice games, and more. You can see which games are in which boxes on the game's product page.
  10. What currency are Board Game Bento transactions done in?

    All Board Game Bento transactions and charges are in US Dollars.
  11. Bento boxes normally go out at the end of the month. When do these boxes ship?

    As soon as possible! Canadian orders ship out daily. US and International orders ship out once/week (sometimes more during holiday seasons). From the day that it is shipped, it will follow in accordance to the shipping method you selected.

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